Feelings: Our Natural Alarm System

Our feelings are very valuable. They are an internal alarm system that alert us to when our needs are being met or unmet. So getting more in touch and aware of our most basic emotional states will help us get more in tune with our needs. ¬†When we can distinguish between our basic emotional states, and more surface level “secondary” emotional states, we become more self-connected ¬†making it easier to see other possible strategies to meet our needs and to communicate about our needs with others.

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Free Practice Group

Twice a month I lead a free Compassionate Communication Practice Group. Open to those new and advanced students. We meet on the First and Third Monday of the month at 6 pm. We gather at 640 Hawthorn Lane in classroom 8. Classrooms are behind the church and to the left, next to the parking lot. Practice Group sessions usually run for 2 hours.

The next one will be on July 6th at 6 pm.