Counseling Sessions

Come heal your old wounds, developing new skills and resources, and not only escape oppression and social conditioning, but also build up life-long defenses against these social forces.  You’ll work alongside me and lead the way to finding the growth you’re looking for.  You’ll experience unconditional acceptance, intuition, imagination, knowledge, and humor that will make the journey easier and fun.  Issues you might want to work on with me:

  • Phobias, social anxieties, or general anxiety.
  • Low self-confidence, self-esteem, or self-acceptance.
  • A strong and overwhelming inner critical voice.
  • Deepening one’s spirituality.

Sessions normally run about an hour, charging $60 – $90 a session, with low-income options available.  I offer sessions in person at my office, over the phone, or via skype.

Free Practice Group

Twice a month I lead a free Compassionate Communication Practice Group. Open to those new and advanced students. We meet on the First and Third Monday of the month at 6 pm. We gather at 640 Hawthorn Lane in classroom 8. Classrooms are behind the church and to the left, next to the parking lot. Practice Group sessions usually run for 2 hours.

The next one will be on July 6th at 6 pm.