“Alex’s counseling style is different from any I’ve experienced before.  During the sessions he wasn’t merely a doctor while I was only a patient.  He wasn’t trying to fix me or change me.  Instead, he helped me learn more about myself and how I think, feel, and view myself within the world around me.  I am most grateful to Alex for encouraging me to be me, and for helping me to recover a deeper connection with myself that enables me to feel more balanced, confident, and optimistic.”

-OP, former counseling client

“Working with Alex I have felt empowered to realize my dreams and supported to make them happen.  Alex is careful not to tell me what I “should” do, rather he helps me get in touch with my feelings and needs to help me decide what I want to do. I look forward to the insights his newsletter provide every week and cannot say enough about how much he has helped me to find and honor my truth on my life’s journey.”

-Rachael Orellana, counseling client

“Alex provided me with a new set of useful tools that I am applying in all aspects of life – work, home & family.  He makes pleasant the work of challenging social communication.  He has both a passion for and deep insight of the application of NVC for improving the human condition.”

-Tim, RN, MSN,  former Compassionate Communication Package client

“Alex made me feel heard, understood and comfortable.  He taught me tools that I immediately applied to my communication practices.  I have become a happier person and a better friend because of the experience.  People who I used to go to for communication advice are now coming to me!  I admire what Alex is doing and highly recommend him.”

-Sarah, former Compassionate Communication Package client

“No one grows in an internal or external environment of shame and blame.  Creating a container where love can exist is the greatest gift a person can give another.  Alex provides a safe space to undo the blocks to love’s presence.  He does this with empathy and compassion.  If you are seeking growth and change, Alex is your man!”

-Scott B., former counseling client, and former Compassionate Communication Package client

“I realized that I did end up letting go of things. My “need” to control, to always be right, and to push myself without regard to my authentic needs. I let all of that go and realized how to be much happier and fulfilled.

I learned how to have compassionate dialog with myself and others.  I am indebted to you for life. Thank you.”

-Alan Gamage, former Compassionate Communication Package client

 “Alex patiently nudges me closer to my fears, contradicts my stories, holds my hand while I stand in the fire, and holds space when I’m timid and hurt.  The gentle, authentic compassion and unconditional love that Alex brings to our sessions is nourishment for my soul.”

-Alexandra F. Williams, co-counselor, former client, Empowerment Coach

 “When I counsel with Alex, I feel like I’m in the hands of an expert in his craft.  I can relax and trust him.  He comfortably explains concepts, juggles alternative perspectives, and improvises in the moment — all while closely following the thread of my concerns.  The quality of his questions is matched only by the depth of his loving attention.  I feel heard, seen, challenged, and loved by Alex.”

-C.M.K., co-counselor, Louisiana

“Alex’s curiosity and playfulness as a counselor have helped me break down walls that were keeping me from moving forward in my life.  His gentle persistence guided me to find my own answers and step into my own courage.”

-Andreea Grad, Integrative Health Coach


 “Alex taught me the difference between thoughts and feelings as well as wants and needs.  His teaching approach includes helpful examples, games, and lots of laughter.”

-Cathy Schulze, Former Student

 “Alex uses clear examples and activities to make these concepts accessible in a supportive, non-judgmental setting.”

-Former Student

 “I have really appreciated you being so present in the moment and genuine about your feelings; and the way you have kept us on track gives us information and steered us in the right direction.”

-Reeda Palmer, Former Student

 “This class and the exercises we did together helped me to become a more empathetic listener and communicator.  It also taught me to recognize my feelings and needs in a given situation, allowing me to better understand the motivations behind my reactions, and to adapt my responses to various triggers or confrontations.”

-Alicia Herrick, Former Student

 “This class created a unique safe space for people of all different ages, genders, and walks of life to come together, open their hearts, and help each other lean how to love themselves.”

-Devin Gabhart, Former Student

 “This class allowed me to clearly see how I would like to be loved and accepted, why I have a hard time achieving that, and how to take steps to achieve it.

 -Former Student

 “This class helped me identify unhelpful thought habits that I wasn’t aware of, and gave me some time and tools to devote to changing them.”

 -Former Student

 “I feel as though I used to miss a lot of information.  Now I’m really understanding what folks are telling me, and I know that they feel understood.”

-Lisa Halko, Former Student

 “I truly appreciated the time and attention Alex gave to each class.  He was able to clearly talk about NVC that allowed me to start practicing aspects of it after the first class.”

-Jennifer Taylor, Former Student

 “Alex is a strong and nurturing guide on the journey of learning to live and communicate more compassionately with ourselves and others.”

-SAL, Former Student

 “Alex is a great teacher.  He is funny, compassionate, articulate and a superb listener.  The NVC lessons he teaches are so clear and essential, I only wish I had learned them in kindergarten.”

-T. Macneil, Former Student

 “Alex radiates warmth, knowledge, experience, and aliveness in his teaching and facilitating role.  He is well-prepared, a great listener, and walks the talk of all areas of Nonviolent Communication.”

-Former Student

 “The Compassionate Communication class is very interactive, with many opportunities to practice the skills that are taught.  Alex is an engaging and enthusiastic instructor who clearly believes in, and loves, what he teaches.”

-Francisco Michel, Former Student

“In Alex’s class I learned about myself, how I interact with the world, and how I wish to build my relationships through exploring my feelings and needs, while empathizing with the feelings and needs of others.  I found the class on anger especially helpful.  Learning about anger and how to tease out its underlying emotions provided hope and peace in my struggle with this emotion.”

-Ashley Eisenmenger, Former Student

Free Practice Group

Twice a month I lead a free Compassionate Communication Practice Group. Open to those new and advanced students. We meet on the First and Third Monday of the month at 6 pm. We gather at 640 Hawthorn Lane in classroom 8. Classrooms are behind the church and to the left, next to the parking lot. Practice Group sessions usually run for 2 hours.

The next one will be on July 6th at 6 pm.